The best destinations for bachelorette parties in 2022, according to experts


When you think of the most popular bachelorette party destinations, Las Vegas is probably the first place that comes to mind. In reality, however, it loses its place at the top of the list. “While we still have a lot of groups going, I think it can be overwhelming and doesn’t cater as much to the types of events we have planned,” Allison Odhner, Founder and CEO of Bach to basic, tells TZR in an e-mail. On the contrary, these days, Odhner says his customers want to discover new cities and experiences that Vegas doesn’t really have to offer. That’s why the best bachelorette party destinations in 2022 probably aren’t quite what you expected.

Of course, there are still some obvious places brides-to-be like to go; Nashville remains a high-demand location, as do Miami and New Orleans. However, groups are also turning more to places like Scottsdale, Charleston, and even 30A, a popular Florida neighborhood that includes several seaside communities.

While you can of course get the full “bach party” experience at all of these places, there are plenty of other reasons why they see a lot of demand. As Odhner notes, “Most of these destinations have in common being in a warmer climate and near water, which is what the majority of our groups are looking for.” Plus, they all have their own unique nightlife and dining options, many of which are far removed from the typical Vegas night out.

Let’s face it: the most important part of a bachelorette party is spending time with the people you love. But picking a proven destination will ensure it’s that much better, so check out some of the best places to visit in 2022 (and find out why they’re so popular), ahead of time.

Miami, Florida

Why it’s popular: “Miami has been a top destination since we started this business, and it’s still going strong in 2022!” Odhner tells TZR. “I think [the city] has been and always will be popular due to the climate and location of the beach. You can go any time of the year and enjoy the warm weather, boats, beach, awesome nightlife and amazing restaurants.”

Where to stay: Although Odhner almost always recommends home rentals for hen parties because they allow for more bonding experiences and hosting activities and meals, she says it’s not the best. option for Miami” because the hotels are located in prime locations and [have] pools and amenities easily accessible.” Some of his favorite accommodations include The Miami Beach Confidante, 1 Hotel South Beach, Nobu Hotel Miami Beachand Fontainebleau.

What to do: For Miami and other beach destinations, Odhner says “we recommend yacht, catamaran or pontoon boat days 100% of the time.” And, of course, discover the endless nightlife and restaurants the destination has to offer.

Scottsdale, AZ

Why it’s popular: “Scottsdale is one of our favorite cities to plan,” says Odhner. “This destination is fabulous all year round (although a bit hot in July and August) with so much to do. It offers a smaller, more manageable Vegas-style scene when it comes to day/night clubs and activities, which is trending with what our customers care about.

Where to stay: Scottsdale has tons of Airbnb listings that are perfect for bachelorette parties, with big spaces and Instagrammable decor. In the hotel industry, the Andaz Scottsdale Resort & Bungalows is an excellent option, as it has 185 bungalows and suites and three beautiful swimming pools. For a more energetic scene, there is also the W Scottsdalewhich is positioned as a “festive destination” on weekends.

What to do: “In Scottsdale, we encourage groups to come to one of its high-energy pool parties during the day (i.e. Maya day box or the W Scottsdale) or host one in their rental home,” says Odhner. “Going on an ATV adventure is another of our favorite things to coordinate” in Scottsdale, she continues.

Charleston, South Carolina

Why it’s popular: “Charleston singles tend to have a ‘boujee’ side to them,” Ashton Mangano, owner of Jetset Bachelorette, tells TZR in an e-mail. “They always want to have a good time, but they want to do it wearing a cute dress and heels at a rooftop bar overlooking the city skyline. Charleston also attracts foodies; the town has so many great restaurants, with everything from Lowcountry cuisine to Mexican.” Odhner adds that it’s very walkable, which is another “great plus”.

Where to stay: According to Mangano, Charleston doesn’t offer many homes that can accommodate large groups, so often bachelorette parties will choose to stay in multiple hotel rooms. “Our favorite hotel in Charleston is The Dewberry; its central location is ideal for all the city has to offer, but you really can’t go wrong with any of the downtown hotels.”

What to do: Because Charleston is so beautiful, Mangano says groups often spend an entire afternoon exploring downtown. “In terms of planned activities, our most popular is hands down a private catamaran charter; seeing the city from the water is truly spectacular and with the summer heat it’s perfect for swimming in the water.” Odhner suggests something similar: “One of the best things to do in Charleston is to take a ferry to a private island to enjoy a private Lowcountry boil!”

And when your group needs refreshments? “We like The Darling Oyster Bar for dinner and vintage living room for beverages,” continues Mangano.

Nashville, TN

Why it’s popular: According to Mangano, Nashville is one of the top singles destinations every year. “It has a ton of nighttime activities (if you’ve ever walked Broadway you’ve seen the constant parade of party buses, houseboats, tractors and even fire trucks going through town with people dancing and cheering party on it), a great restaurant, and affordable accommodations that can fit any budget.”

Where to stay: For Nashville, a large rental or hotel can be good options for your party. “ has great home options, and we also love the Hotel Bobby and Thompson Nashville“says Mangano.

What to do: Mangano says if you’re going to Nashville for a bachelorette party, riding in some type of party vehicle is pretty much mandatory. “We like too Yum’s House by Suzy Wong Drag’n Brunch, and the burlesque show at Rainbow Room of the Skull is an experience not to be missed!”

New Orleans, Louisiana

Why it’s popular: “We find that brides tend to choose New Orleans for a variety of reasons,” Mangano explains, “but at the end of the day, everyone wants to experience New Orleans culture and we always try to bring that into the our evenings, in a way.

Where to stay: Mangano says New Orleans has “a ton of new hotels that just opened like the Virgin and the Elisa Jane.” However, she notes, “the companies we work with for home rentals are Redamo stay and Heritage. They offer the nicest homes in town and can accommodate large groups.

What to do: Want a truly unique New Orleans experience? Mangano says if you have the budget, she highly recommends having your own second line parade in the French Quarter. “Parade through the historic streets of the French Quarter with a marching band in the lead as you and your best friends dance and invite passers-by to join in…there really is nothing quite like it!”

Plus, she says, “We also LOVE the Glitter Buffet the experience of Electra Cosmetics… [it’s] a local glitter company that will bring their line to your location and their talented artists will apply glitter all over your party so you’re ready to hit the town NOLA style!” Then you can get your fill of nightlife on Frenchmen Street, which is “full of live bands playing all types of New Orleans music,” she continues.

Destin/30A, Florida

Why it’s popular: Mangano notes that 30A (which is a collection of small Florida beach towns along Scenic Highway 30A between Panama City and Destin) has some of the most beautiful beaches in the United States “Brides who choose 30A tend to be more laid back and just want to have a good time with their friends at the beach and aren’t too concerned about the nightlife.There are a few fun bars in Destin, but usually our groups end up spending their days in the sun and their nights in home with a chef or a catered dinner.

Where to stay: “If you’re going to 30A, renting a house is the way to go,” Mangano says. “There are hundreds of beach houses scattered along the shoreline which are ideal for bases between your trips to the beach and Crab Island.”

What to do: Both experts say the visit crab island is a must; Mangano recommends taking a boat trip with your group to your destination. Another popular activity? “A bonfire on the beach at sunset with 30A Blaze“continues Mangano. “[It’s] a great local company that brings everything needed for a beach bonfire including chairs and tables, sets everything up, runs the fire and cleans up when it’s over.”


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