6 reasons to visit Café Knead in Mumbai, the return of chef Moshe Shek


The map: travel the world but don’t forget the essentials

Shek’s travel principles are garnished throughout her menu – from Eastern European pierogi (spicy tomato dumplings stuffed with yellow cheddar and potatoes) to caramelized Lebanese baby corn – a dish reflecting her signature cuisine. .

“Our menu is unique, you won’t find 95% anywhere else. These are dishes that I created. We focus on the breads that we make ourselves. Cream cheese comes from Germany, some cheeses are also imported from Italy. Portobello mushroom soup is my favorite, I love everything about mushrooms! Moshe reveals. “Our puff pastry is cooked fresh, to order. From raw dough to a 12 minute pastry for a coffee, it’s really hard and rare. This is another of my favorites! “

Travel has also inspired his food. “Because only travel exposes you to different cultures, doesn’t it? You live in small places and you understand a lot of things. Travel is very important, ”he explains. “Less is more” was the dominant theme in all the great cafes in Europe. “During my vacation in Sweden, I went to a sandwich shop. If you ask for a cheese sandwich, you will get a cheese sandwich. And that’s what I really missed in India. Here they will put rose petals, smoked zucchini, because the chef wants them. But it’s so hard to get a simple cheese sandwich. The basic idea, keeping it simple, is often very difficult to achieve for most of us as chefs ”. For me, it was the apple and caramel cookies that I tasted to take away, which gave me real satiety.

There is a menu all vegetables + eggs!

Knead’s menu is entirely vegetarian, with the exception of eggs, which are incorporated into a few dishes and desserts. Why veg, however? “Previously, we served everything at Moshe (the former chef’s restaurant) – mutton, beef, chicken, fish, etc. Eventually, I largely turned to a leaner diet. Then the beef was banned, so a steak could not be served. In addition, the mutton is as hard as a rock and you have to cook it in the stove for centuries for it to soften. After all, it’s not lamb, it’s mutton, it’s basically goat, ”says Moshe. “And then there’s the chicken that’s largely pumped up with everything in the world. It’s actually tasteless. Therefore, I decided to cancel meat from the menu. It was like an obvious choice, ”he says.


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