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What is a Payday Check Loan?

Currently, various types of loans are a financial instrument that arouses great interest among customers. Just like people who have the financial means to cover the purchases they need, or even the usual “whims” are not benefiting from this type of solution, this is different for people with a slightly worse financial situation.

These people are not enough to cover their own most important obligations or cover them, without leaving the opportunity to buy other equally-needed items or repayment of other debts, are an optimal solution, allowing for:

  • On the one hand, the repayment of the most important commitments,
  • On the other hand, the “use of life”.

However, it should be remembered that lenders’ offers should be used only when we are sure that we will be able to repay the due liability in due time, and thus we will not lead to a situation in which we will become even more involved in debt!


What exactly is a Payday check?

What exactly is a Payday check?

Payday’s check is one of the solutions on the financial market, ensuring constant money turnover. Payments of funds using the Giro check method have been used for many years and have been popular even before people have had bank accounts.

Payday check payouts are carried out with regard to the postal money withdrawal system. It consists in the fact that the institution that has issued a check in the form of payday laon, transfers money to the post office or to the Bank Pocztowy and from there the person with the payday check and fully entitled to carry it out, may withdraw funds.

payday check is a very good alternative when we take a loan or a loan:

  • We do not want money to reach our bank account,
  • We do not have a bank account,
  • We want to receive money immediately – without having to wait for the transfer to be posted,

Currently, the most popular form of transferring money between individuals and institutions are bank transfers, but it is still possible to issue and carry out a payday check, because not everyone has an obligation to have a bank account – and even if you do not want to use it, maybe easily ask for the payday Check and collect money at the Poczta Polska or Bank Pocztowy branch.


How and where can you cash the payday check?

How and where can you cash the payday check?

As it was mentioned above, the payday check can be carried out at any branch of Poczta Polska or Bank Pocztowy. In order to cash a payday check, you need some necessary documents:

  • A valid ID card confirming the identity of the person who pays the money. This allows for the unambiguous identification of the person authorized to cash the payday check,
  • payday payment form – it is a payday check with details describing the transaction to be made, ie: for whom the money is intended / who is the person authorized to carry out the check and, above all, what amount the transaction is to be dealt with.

The payment of money using the payday check method is very simple, which we can guess by reading the information above. After receiving the payday check from the banking institution, it is enough that we go to any Poczta Polska outlet and there, upon presentation of a valid ID card and the payday form, we will receive the money.

Thanks to the payday method, you can receive the money immediately – without waiting for the account operation to be booked!


payday check loans

payday check loans

To obtain a loan via the Internet, a verification fee is usually required (usually PLN 0.01 or PLN 1), which is returned to the applicant’s bank account after completing the bank account verification process. Some institutions offer loans without the need to perform a verification transfer – in this case, we perform verification by a special application.

In a situation where we want to avoid these activities or simply do not have a bank account, we can take advantage of the opportunities offered by the payday check.

To get a loan in the form of a payday check, we have to choose the right company offering this type of cash transfer, because not all institutions offer this solution. It should also be remembered that in the case of submitting an online application for a loan as a loan – indicate in the form that we expect payment of funds in the form of a payday check.

Withdrawal of cash for the payday loan is a free option, which is not charged with any additional costs. The only requirement is that only the authorized person with valid identity card must report to cash receipt at the post office. If you want to learn how to live with unpaid debts, check here.

Non-bank institutions offering quick loans in the form of a payday check include:

  • BOSS Loan
  • Aasa dla Biznesu (loans for companies)
  • Credit OK
  • TAKTO Finance
  • Mikrorata
  • Light loan
  • Aasa Polska (loans for private persons)
  • Ratka
  • Super Grosz
  • Optima Loans
  • Easy Credit
  • SMS365

It is also worth mentioning that in the case of loans with a payday check, it is possible to get from PLN 1000 to PLN 10,000 on average – in some cases up to PLN 15,000 or even PLN 25,000!

Your credit now! The 11 loans you can get in less than 10 minutes


Not only is the processing fast, but this type of company is able to communicate in a few minutes if your loan has been granted, and transfer the money to your checking account almost immediately.

These are the 11 fastest microloan companies in the market with which you can get your credit now:

The 11 fastest companies to get your credit now

  • Loan 10: for new clients, the loan limit is set at 300 euros, although if you request another one in the future, the limit will be increased up to 750 euros. You can return it within 5 to 30 days. For example, for a loan of 300 euros to be repaid in 30 days, we would pay 96 euros in fees. However, if you are inside ASNEF, you should know that they will not grant you the loan.


  • Pepe Dinero: this company also offers some very fast processing processes, so in just over 10 minutes you will know if you have been granted the loan. The limit for new customers is 250 euros, and you can return it within a maximum period of 30 days. Once you have contracted your services and returned a first loan, the limit will increase to 500 euros. For a loan of 250 euros to be repaid in 30 days, we would pay 83 euros in fees.


  • Mr. Finer: this is another of the best known companies that offer fast microloans to request in less than 10 minutes. The limit is 300 euros for new clients and 900 euros for former clients. The amortization period ranges between 5 days and 35 days. The first loan is completely free and free of commissions and interests.


  • Good thing: in this case, the limit of the loan for new clients is again 300 euros to be repaid within a maximum period of 30 days. For a good loan of these characteristics we would pay a total of 89.1 euros.


  • Cashper: this is another of the leading companies in the sector that offers the possibility of applying for credits in just over 10 minutes. In the case of a loan of 300 euros to be repaid in a period of 30 days, we will only have to pay 95 euros in fees, returning a total of 395 euros.


  • Hello Money: we meet again with a fairly fast company regarding the request and acceptance of microloans. Your credit limit is 1,000 euros and you can return the money within a maximum period of 31 days. Another of the most interesting points is that they offer the possibility of getting a first loan for free without paying interest.


  • Vivus: it is one of the best known fast loan companies in the market. Its processing takes approximately 15 minutes. We can request a first loan in Vivus of 300 euros to return in 30 days completely free of charge.


  • Microcredits 24: unlike other credit companies, in this case we are offered much more flexible conditions. We can request loans of up to 750 euros and return them in terms of up to 90 days. To make matters worse, the first loan you hire with them will be completely free.


  • Lunacredit: in this case, the credit limit is 1,000 euros with a maximum return period of 30 days. In the case of requesting 300 euros and returning them in 30 days, we would pay a fee of 99 euros. That is, we must amortize a total debt of 399 euros.


  • Twinero: this company offers the possibility of processing loans quickly and easily. In a few minutes after the request, the user will receive a message on his mobile phone where he will be specified whether or not the loan has been granted. The credit limit is 300 euros and can be returned within a maximum period of 30 days. For example, for a loan of 300 euros to be repaid in 30 days, we would pay a commission of 105 euros.


  • MoneyMan: this lender is not only one of the fastest in the market, but also offers a first loan with 0% interest of up to 300 euros to be repaid in 30 days. The application process is extremely simple and will not take you more than 10 minutes. In addition, you can find out if your application has been accepted in just over 15 minutes. Better impossible!